John Cleese mocks woke culture in joke about his 57-year battle with microaggression

Speaking on its evolution, John stated: “Now it’s morphed into something else which has got a very good side of it, which is let’s be kind to people, but it’s also got a rather puritanical side to it.

“You can’t make jokes, and I think they don’t understand that all humour is critical, you can’t make fun of someone who’s perfect – it’s all about faults.”

The actor who is well known for his role in classic comedies Fawlty Towers and Monty Python.

The star found himself in hot water after defending the show after it was removed from UKTV for racist content.

Despite the episode airing in 1975, similar content recently prompted John to cancel an appearance at Cambridge University after a speaker was banned for a Hitler impression.

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