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'Karma's a b****' Piers Morgan eviscerates Nigel Farage for 'two faced weasel treachery'

News'Karma's a b****' Piers Morgan eviscerates Nigel Farage for 'two faced weasel treachery'

Mr Morgan claimed that Mr Farage gave the former US President a three-page document detailing all the criticisms that he has levelled at the republican politician over the last two years. The TalkTV presenter claimed that Mr Trump threatened to pull out of the interview just eight minutes before it was due to start after receiving the document. Hitting out at Mr Farage on Twitter, Mr Morgan wrote: “So, @Nigel_Farage tried to sabotage my interview with President Trump in a despicable act of two-faced weasel treachery….

“Last night, my show @PiersUncensored got five times the ratings of his show. FIVE TIMES!!!

“Karma’s a b****, Nige.”

Nigel Farage has his own show on GB News, on which he has also interviewed Donald Trump.

The feud between the two public figures has been simmering over the last few weeks.

A week before the interview aired, Mr Farage criticised Mr Morgan for what he called “disgraceful behaviour”, saying the former President had been “completely stitched up” in the interview.

But Mr Morgan hit back, saying: “Actually, Nigel, the only stitching up was done by you when you sent him that dossier of my criticisms (which I stand by) in a pathetic attempt to ruin my Trump interview – especially graceless after I congratulated you after yours.

“Fortunately, it backfired & I got a corker!”

Included in the “dossier of criticisms” allegedly sent to Mr Trump was Mr Morgan’s description of the controversial politician as a “supreme narcissist” who had “morphed into a monster”.

Speaking about Mr Trump’s reaction to the document, Mr Morgan told The Daily Telegraph: “I thought he was going to cancel the interview.

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“But let me just say this: I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

Also during the interview, the TV host clashed with the former US president, with Mr Trump telling Mr Morgan that he believes himself to be “much more honest” than him.

He said: “I think I’m a very honest man. Much more honest than you, actually.

“I don’t think you’re real. I think I’m a much more honest person in most ways.”

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