"Keep your nose out" – Britons erupt at Biden as US wades in on Brexit row with EU


"Keep your nose out" – Britons erupt at Biden as US wades in on Brexit row with EU

With the EU and the UK set to review the terms and conditions of the agreement, following allegations from Unionists that the deal alienates their

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With the EU and the UK set to review the terms and conditions of the agreement, following allegations from Unionists that the deal alienates their community from the rest of Britain, Joe Biden and his government have waded in. Warning that the alteration and tweaking of the protocol could lead to a breach in the Good Friday Agreement, which brought peace following decades of The Troubles in 1998.

President Biden said: “We spent an enormous amount of time and effort, the United States, it was a major bipartisan effort made… And I would not at all like to see, nor I might add would many of my Republican colleagues like to see, a change in the Irish accords, the end result having a closed border in Ireland.”

Snapping back at the US comments and involvement, one Express.co.uk reader, Gill01271, said: “I would like to ask Joe how many parts of the USA are subject to rules and regulations from a foreign entity, I would love to hear his answer.”

Another, Mosquito, said: “The UK will always support the Good Friday agreement. It will never put up barriers or borders…Has Biden got his own agenda? If so he should come out and say so. If not perhaps he should listen to the UK’s point of view and understand the problems that need to be resolved.“

Commenter CR2 argued the notion on a wilder scale, suggesting Biden should only provide an opinion as advice: “There are some red – lines with countries where other countries (USA) know – they cannot get too involved with…the Falklands was one, Northern Ireland is another…polite advice from Biden is as far as it will go. [sic]”

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Others took the attack on the President on a personal level.

Getoutforgood said: “Keep your nose out Biden wherever you are there’s chaos!”, while another, Simpleguy said: “Biden couldn’t even find Ireland on a map.”

One comment looked at President Biden’s record since taking office, in particular paying attention to Afghanistan.

“We will not take any lectures from that IDIOT,” said Dougie-Mac49.

Some people also questioned the Irish heritage of Joe Biden.

High Five said: “I live in N’Ireland and all this talk about unrest if the protocol is removed is utter nonsense. Firstly, who is going to fight or cause trouble, nobody here I know of has any idea. Secondly, Biden being partly Irish on his mother’s side has this dream of a United Ireland but no mention of his English heritage. For some unknown reason most Americans want to have this heritage, God only knows why.

Pointing out problems at home, Scotty63, said: “Biden and his administration need to stick to domestic policy the state America is in.. Keep out of other countries business, because their foreign policy is worthless.”

This was backed up by Lysith3a who said: “The US understand the Northern Ireland situation about as much as they understand the Middle East. Why anyone listens to them is baffling. An infant nation that should be concentrating on its own issues.”

With the EU and the UK still to finalise the next steps taken regarding the protocol, the situation remains tense.

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Unionists and Loyalist groups have warned of dire consequences to those working in the ports and docks of Northern Ireland, suggesting that are accomplice to the introduction of the border along the Irish Sea, and hence causing division between the North and Great Britain.

Furthermore, skirmishes have occurred, and could escalate between Unionist and Nationalist communities across the area, with certain areas in West Belfast being targeted by groups of young men and children, likely influenced by more senior Loyalist lieutenants.

Although Joe Biden may not have a direct say on the events that unfold, his influence in the matter is undeniable, using the protocol as a warning to Boris Johnson over any trade deals between the USA and the UK, hinting that until the situation is resolved, Britain will remain at the back of the queue when it comes to trading with the United States.