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Keir Starmer left flustered as he's hit with new attacks 'I know what is going on!'

NewsKeir Starmer left flustered as he's hit with new attacks 'I know what is going on!'

Keir Starmer has been accused of hypocrisy after spending months calling for Boris Johnson to step down after reports emerged of him attending at least one party at Number 10. The Labour Party leader has now himself been involved in what was dubbed “beer gate” after photos were published showing him enjoying a beer inside an office whilst working with activists in Durham. Sir Keir dismissed criticism towards him and deputy Angela Rayner, who was also in attendance, insisting the backlash was part of an attempt to undermine the party ahead of Thursday’s local elections.

Sir Keir told Sky News: “No party, no breach of the rules.

“This is a few days before the election – I know what’s going on here.

“Tories are desperate to talk about anything other than the cost of living, chucking as much mud as possible.”

He continued: “If they spent as much energy and as much focus on people’s bills and the tax they’re whacking people for, millions of people would actually be grateful for that.

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“I think this is classic two or three days before an election mud-slinging from the Tories but I’ve got nothing to add.”

The Labour leader was asked earlier to justify the party’s failure to disclose Ms Rayner’s presence at the Durham activist meeting last year.

Asked about the failure to confirm her presence, Sir Keir said: “There was a mistake. We make mistakes in the office.

“We were asked twice and I didn’t realise we’d made a mistake until it came out this week.

“We’re a busy office, we made a mistake, it was a genuine mistake. And I take responsibility for it, I run the office, we simply made a mistake.

“I don’t think anybody would seriously say Keir Starmer’s team would lie to the media about this. We made a mistake.”

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