Keir Starmer left ‘humiliated' as calls to resign resound across UK on eve on conference

Sir Keir wants to scrap the one member, one vote (OMOV) system introduced by Ed Miliband in 2014 which was responsible for the election of Mr Corbyn. The Labour leader wants to return to the previous method by which unions, MPs and party members make up a third each of voting rights.

Sir Keir Starmer has said: “Our rules as they are right now focus us inwards to spend too much time talking to and about ourselves, and they weaken the link with our unions.

“These are two things that have got to change if we are serious about winning the next election.”

However, Sir Keir Starmer’s move has now created a backlash from the left of the party with growing resentment towards the leader ahead of the Labour Party conference.

The left are suggesting these moves are undemocratic and shifts power away from Labour party members.

On BBC Newsnight, Policy editor Lewis Goodall spoke about the leadership reform: “Keir Starmer did not have a positive meeting with the trade unions, one source described it to me as a ‘car crash’, another with regards to the proposals said the words ‘bucket’, ‘cold’ and ‘sick’ come to mind.

“Even traditional allies of Mr Starmer, and unions you think might be more on side like GMB, didn’t really come to his defence.

“Now Labour sources tonight keen to point out that Labour negotiations will be ongoing perhaps through the night if necessary, there’s another NEC meeting which takes place at 11am tomorrow [Saturday 25] as Labour Party conference gets underway in Brighton.

“I suspect what might happen, is that some form of the proposals, some reduced form, does emerge at the other side and then Mr Starmer is able to put to the NEC and then put to the Labour Party conference this week.

The policy editor for BBC Newsnight added: “The question then becomes how reduced is that package in comparison to what Starmer initially put forward, because if it is substantially reduced, then I think what Labour MPs are concerned about tonight is instead of Mr Starmer’s aides said they wanted which was going to be a package which projected his authority, instead it makes him look weak.

“One Labour MP said to me it ‘reeks of political incompetence’.

“He hasn’t rolled the pitch, he hasn’t prepared the way, he hadn’t made sure he could definitely get these proposals through before he put them there.

“So instead the danger for Keir Starmer of course is that worst of all no proposals are put up at all.”

Commenting on the ‘“car crash” meeting, Sky’s Chief Political correspondent Jon Craig, said Sir Keir had been “left humiliated”.

He said: “This is a humiliating retreat by Keir Starmer, he of course wanted to push through these reforms, changing the way the Labour Party elects its leader going back to the old system of an electoral college where one thirds vote for the MPs, one third for the unions and one third for party activists.

He continued: “Sir Keir has been left humiliated on the eve of conference, I’ve just been talking to Ian Lavery the former Labour Party chairman, Jeremy Corbyn supporter says it is humiliating, it weakens Sir Keir, it’s an own goal, trying to push it through in the way that he did.”

Diane Abbott former shadow Home Secretary tweeted on Friday: “Keir Starmer would NEVER have got elected @UKLabour leader if Labour Party members had realised that he planned to take power away from them by scrapping one person one vote.”

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During the Labour conference which starts on Saturday, deputy leader Angela Rayner, will pledge a Labour government would: immediately increase the minimum wage to at least £10 an hour, ban zero-hours contracts and end fire and rehire strategies.

She will tell delegates: “It will be the driving mission of the next Labour government to end the poverty wages and insecure work that blights millions of lives and is holding back our economy.

“Labour will make Britain work for working people.”

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@SueJonesSays said: “If the members can’t trust the party, the public never will.”


@royston_vassey said: “It is impossible to ignore now. Keir Starmer is hopeless. He’s made absolutely no inroads despite the Tory Government being in for 10+ years and making an arse of everything they touch.”

@wass_johnny wrote: “Master of disaster @Keir_Starmer…Resign now for the good of the whole country…”

Also,  @FlatTop1968 said: “@Keir_Starmer would struggle to bring a pair of curtains together.”

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