Keir Starmer 'unable to make a dent' raged voter amid 'demoralising' Labour civil war

A disgruntled Labour supporter has criticised party leader Sir Keir Starmer in a blistering rant to LBC presenter Matt Ftei. Fayaz called in from Marylebone in London to slam the current direction of Labour and the performance of Sir Keir. He said the Labour Leader had failed to leave a dent on the Conservative Government and “demoralised” core labour voters with his attacks on the left of the party.

Caller Fayaz told LBC: “I am afraid the way Starmer is going in terms of demoralising his vote base is he will lose.

“I think it is time for somebody to step in and unite the party I don’t know whether that is Andy Burham, or Sadiq Khan or Clive Lewis.

“But this current leader has been completely unable to make a dent.

“No matter how many people die and no matter what the fuel shortages are, he continues to be eight to ten points behind the tories.

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“I don’t really think we can avoid another Tory election win.”

Fayaz continued: “The Labour Party actually united and elected Starmer.

“Now no one believes a word he says.”

“I felt like at one point it was going to be a little bit of This Is Your Life, Michael Parkinson was going to turn up and give him a little bit more feed on his life.

“I mean we didn’t really need to hear all that I mean, I understand that we need to understand where this guy comes from.

“But we have had 17 months to hear what Keir Starmer is about and we have heard nothing from him.”

“Absolutely nothing and everyone saying there is going to be a hung Parliament that is all it is, it is biding for time for when they are just going to be trounced again.”

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