King Harald of Norway praises Edvard Munch's 'trail-blazing' work at museum opening

The opening ceremony took place outside on Edvard Munch Square, the King gave a short speech and the Queen cut the ceremonial ribbon. The King spoke about Munch’s work: “He belongs to all of us. We can see ourselves in our encounters with his trail-blazing works – our own light and dark sides.

“He strips away all that is unnecessary and hones in on the essence of human life: Love and angst. Joy and sorrow. Life and death.”

The museum is 13 storeys high with 11 exhibition halls and now includes an exhibit of 200 of Munch’s works and

The new museum replaces the original Munch Museum which was opened by King Olav in 1963.

Mr Munch the Norwegian painter is best known for the “The Scream” painting.

In 2012 the famous painting by the Norwegian expressionist artist was sold at Sotheby’s in New York, for £74 million at auction.

The Scream, which had been expected to fetch at least £50million, features a haunted figure produced using pastels.

Munch’s painting was created in 1885, and it sparked a dramatic 12-minute sale.

In 2004 masked gunmen stole Munch’s 1910 version of The Scream as well as his Madonna from the Munch Museum.

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The couple have two children, Märtha Louise and Haakon. The king is the second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

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