'Know you're in the UK!' Kate Beckinsale reacts as Loose Women stars issue 'penis alert'

Kate Beckinsale, 48, has taken to Instagram to share a video of Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha, 57, as she gives warnings to the actress before her TV appearance. Kate resides in Brentwood in Los Angeles but is visiting the UK at the moment.

In view of her five million followers, Kate posted the video of Nadia speaking to the camera.

In the video Nadia said: “If you don’t fancy penises this morning you can leave when we get to the end and we’ll put up a warning.”

She captioned the video: “You know you are in the UK when you are given the OPTION of morning pensises, but also a penis ALERT and sufficient time to escape and have boiled egg and soldiers instead.”

Fans took to the comments to laugh at Kate’s funny video.

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“The thing is my a** looks good,” she added.

Responding to her mum, the 22-year-old said that she was baffled over the photo.

“I’m a little confused I must say,” Lily admitted, before adding: “I do think it’s a little much but it’s also very arty.”

Coming clean, Kate wrote: “Lol It’s Madonna,” adding: “Like I’d ever.”

Playfully chiding her daughter, she continued: “I can’t believe you can’t recognise your own mother’s anus from under the bed.”

Expressing her relief at finding out the true owner of the racy snap, Lily said: “Ma that was a ducking rollercoaztwr.” (sic)

Kate reassured her daughter that she had no inclination to post racy pictures anytime soon.

“As if I’d take that and post it you maniac,” Kate replied to Lily.

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