La Palma evacuation warning as 'unstoppable' red-hot lava river to unleash hell 'in hours'

An “unstoppable” river of molten rock from the volcano is heading towards La Palma’s coast. The volcano, which began erupting on September 19, has already destroyed more than 1,900 buildings. However, experts predict more chaos and destruction is on the way, with explosions of lava and toxic gas.

The forecast activity indicates further evacuations across the Canary island are “very likely”.

The Canary Islands Volcano Institute (Involcan) published a video today showing a stream of lava oozing along the ground.

Involcan said: “At 10:45 Canarian time lava flows keep moving unstoppable ay the LP-2 over the remnants of the industrial park access.”

Since the eruption began, the Cumbre Vieja volcano has destroyed some 1,956 buildings and left at least 60 in a state of partial damage.

More than 6,000 people have already been evacuated from the disaster zone, with some 500 sheltering in two hotels.

The red-hot lava flows have also destroyed crops, wiping out fields of banana, vine and avocado.

Additional reporting from Rita Sobot.

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