Labour on election war footing as Dowden refuses to rule out 2023 poll – 'Ready to fight!'

According to the Mirror, Labour Party figures are preparing to get ready to fight for an early general election in 2023. One senior source told the Mirror: “We’ve got to be ready to fight an election a year early.

“We fully expect the Tories to realise that if they go full term, the electorate will see what a mess they’ve made of things.

“So we’re going to be full speed ahead now on making sure that everything is in place”.

Another Labour source told the Mirror: “We’ll be ready for the election whenever it comes. Johnson can see Starmer is sorting out the Labour Party and Johnson has no plan so we don’t think he will go the distance.”

Oliver Dowden, the Conservative Party chairman has not ruled out an early 2023 election.

Mr Dowden said: “The PM has told me to make sure that the Conservative Party machine is ready to go for an election whenever it comes.”

He added: “Right now, we are absolutely focused on getting on with the job of making sure that we deliver for the British people.”

An election could be called early as The Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011 is set to disappear.

Mr Johnson pledged to scrap the Fixed Term Parliaments Act in the 2019 general election.

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The Labour Party have lost the last four consecutive general elections.

In 2019 the Labour Party had their worst election defeat since 1935.

The latest YouGov poll from 28-29 September puts the Conservatives at 39% with the Labour Party behind on 31%.

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