Labour shamed for 'hypocrisy' after breaking own minimum wage pledge at party conference

Labour has pledged to raise the minimum wage if it wins the next election. It says all workers would be paid at least £10 an hour under their policy. But some of those working at Labour’s own party conference in Brighton this weekend will be paid under the minimum being advocated by Sir Keir.

One job advert for conference stewards offers £9.75 an hour for a 12 hour shift.

It was advertised by an agency on behalf of the conference venue.

The advertisement asks for “reliable and committed applicants who genuinely want to be involved in this year’s annual conference”.

It says applicants must have “great communication skills and a good work ethic”.

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Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to ban fire and rehire if he becomes Prime Minister.

The plans for the outlawing of the practice, along with the £10 minimum wage, was outlined by Sir Keir at a speech to the TUC conference last week.

He promised a “new deal for workers”.

“Labour would immediately increase the minimum wage to at least £10 an hour.

“For a carer on the minimum wage, that’s an immediate pay rise of £2,500 a year,” the Holborn and St Pancras MP said.

“A job you can raise a family on must offer a solid foundation on which you can build your life, not worrying about how many hours you’ll be given next week or how you’ll pay the bills if you fall ill.

“Labour’s New Deal will provide that security by ensuring basic rights for all workers from day one in the job: including holiday pay; protection from unfair dismissal; and guaranteed sick pay.”

The Labour Party has not commented on the wage being given to those staffing its conference.

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