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Laura Kuennsberg sounds UK-US warning – Boris hoping for 'dependable friend'

The BBC political editor said that Boris Johnson sees the end of Donald Trump’s administration as an “important and positive turning of the page” as the Prime Minister cares about the same issues as Joe Biden. Ms Kuenssberg noted that Downing Street is also hoping for “less drama”. She said: “I think it will look very, very different to the last four years.

“There is so much intense political challenge across the Atlantic but this really matters to us here too.

“British Prime Ministers like to see American presidents as probably their closest diplomatic friend because the two countries have got pretty much-unrivaled relationships when it comes to security and defence and common interests on so many other things.

“When Donald Trump was in the White House that friend was pretty unpredictable and pretty unreliable for many people here in Westminster.

“With Joe Biden, they see this as an important and positive turning of the page.

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“Not just because he’s been completely clear he wants to breathe life back into those international partnerships but also because Downing Street thinks Joe Biden cares about a lot of the same issues Boris Johnson wants to make a mark on.

“Particularly taking real action against climate change.

“For those reasons, Downing Street hopes there will be fewer fireworks, less drama and a more dependable friend.”

More to follow…

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