Laura Kuenssberg replacement: BBC's Jon Sopel in line for HUGE promotion

Ms Kuensbberg is allegedly in talks to step down as BBC political editor after six years in the post. According to the latest figures from Betfair, Jon Sopel tops the list of those ready to take up the post, if his colleague does indeed step down. Some on social media have claimed Mr Sopel, current North America editor, will go on to take up the role after announcing his departure from his post in the US.

Marianne Hart said: “Wonder if this is what BBC Jon Sopel will be coming back to the UK for.”

Another user, named The Book Rest, also said in response to a comment: “Did you know Jon Sopel is coming back to the UK?

“He’s slightly more experienced than LK, so it could be just a sideways move for her if Auntie Beeb still wants.”

According to figures from Betfair, the others in the running are ranked: Lewis Goodall 5/2, Emily Maitlis 6/1, Ben Brown 8/1, Emma Barnett 10/1, Faisal Islam 14/1, Nick Robinson 16/1, Andrew Marr 20/1.

Announcing his departure from the US, Mr Sopel said on October 19: “Some personal news: “I’m off.

“After 7+ fab years in DC, 3 books, 3 presidents (one kept me busier than others) it’s time to return to the UK and BBC mothership.

“Planning a long break. New book, maybe – but most of all for us to get to Australia to meet our first grandchild, Eliza.”

According to The Guardian, Ms Kuenssberg is to step down from her position and take up a role on the Today programme.

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While Mr Sopel is set to return to the UK, it is thought BBC Scotland editor Sarah Smith may move to Washington to take his place.

This in turn, would leave a role leading the coverage for Scotland.

Andrew Marr, however, will not be moving roles according to reports.

He has been given a new contract on the Sunday morning political interview show.

This comes as 520 jobs are set to be cut across the broadcaster.

These cuts were made in order to save up to £80million by 2022.

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