Law and Order SVU fans in meltdown as OC promo 'seals' Stabler Meloni romance 'Happening!'

Amanda weighed in: “Yeah hi @Chris_Meloni @Mariska can we take a moment now to talk about those obvious feelings stabler has for benson.”

“Elliot Stabler banging on Olivia Benson’s door to talk about the letter. We are either going to love next week’s episode or hate it. I pray to God we will LOVE it… HELP, I AM SCARED!! #OC #WITL,” Hillary echoed.

Tia excitedly reacted to the promo:” I rewatched that last part like 20 times!!!!! Like seriously, we’re finally getting some of the letter!!!! The anticipation!!My heart is racing!  Next week just need to hurry and get here!!   @mariska @Chris_Meloni #SVUxOC   #Benson #Stabler #EO.”

“@Chris_Meloni @Mariska I almost had a heart attack from TWO SECONDS of a promo I completely wasn’t expecting. You two deliver like no one else. Jesus I need a cold shower and I haven’t even seen the ep,” @keywestgrrl weighed in while Brittany simply put:  “YAS some olivia and stabler action next ep! @Mariska @Chris_Meloni #SVUxOC.” (Sic)

Law and Order: Organized Crime season 2 and Law and Order: SVU season 23 continue Thursday on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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