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Le Pen orders VDL to 'respect' France as she throws down gauntlet in fiery Macron clash

WorldLe Pen orders VDL to 'respect' France as she throws down gauntlet in fiery Macron clash

French President Emmanuel Macron and far-right challenger Marine Le Pen faced off on Wednesday evening in their only debate ahead of Sunday’s presidential election run-off, battling over who would be best placed to lead the second biggest economy in the EU.

As Mr Macron accused the far-right leader of secretly wanting to take France out of the EU, Ms Le Pen took the opportunity to launch an attack on Brussels and the EU Commisison. 

She said: “There’s no European sovereignty because there is no such thing as European people.” 

She added: “I wish to remain in the EU but I want to overhaul it.

“I disagree with their wraft of free trade agreements where we sell German cars but we sacrifice farmers.”

“How come France can never defend its own interests? I have served as an MEP, I saw Germany stand toe to toe with us and other countries defending its own interests.

“France never does that. How come? How come France never defends its farmers? Its industries? Its businesses?

“That’s what I want to do.

“I want the EU Commission to respect sovereign nations, member states.

“When we vote we, the people of France, make choices on the kind of society we want to live with and I do believe that the EU should respect that.

“So yes, I want to overhaul the European Union from the inside.

“Mr Macron, I didn’t think you’d believe in conspiracy theories.

“If I wish to exit the EU, I would say it. I don’t!”

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