'Learn from Europe!' Doctor blasts UK over masks in GMB clash as Covid cases soar

Britons have been warned the coming months will be “challenging” as coronavirus cases reached the highest daily level since mid-July. Downing Street said an increase in coronavirus cases had been expected over the winter and the Government would keep a “close watch” on the situation. Professor Devi Sridhar has called on Britain to look at how Europe has been handling the uptick in Covid cases.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Professor Sridhar said: “I think there is a lot to learn from our European neighbours – France, Italy, Germany.

“The things they’re doing are not lockdowns and the way we had it in the past.

“It’s masks in indoor spaces, public transport, shops, it is vaccine certification or a negative test result when you’re going to be mixing indoors which we know is the most risky.

“And we know they are pushing vaccinations to a higher level than we have especially in younger age groups.

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“I do think we need to be looking at them and saying, ‘what are they doing to keep their economy open, keep society open, keep the non-Covid harms minimised’ but at the same time managing their Covid numbers as they go into winter.

“The NHS is struggling and they struggle every winter and this winter they have Covid on top of it.

“I think we do need to be attentive.”

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