Lewis Hamilton's form dissected as Fernando Alonso hailed more 'complete' driver – Button

“We understood each other and we definitely respected each other, and we knew that when we did things the other guy could take it. I respected Fernando for that.”

Reminiscing of his time alongside the two-time world champion, who now races for Alpine, Button elaborated on the “games” Alonso would play, including reporting an issue with his car when slower than his team-mate during races.

“There were times actually that, if he was behind me, he would say, ‘Oh, there’s a problem with the car, there’s a problem with the car!’ And he would retire from the race!” Button laughed.

“We weren’t scoring points, so to be fair, he’s kind of saving the car for the next race. He was like, ‘There’s a problem, there’s a problem!’, and they [the team] would be like, ‘No, Fernando, there’s no problem, keep driving!’

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