‘Lifesaver for many people!’ Meghan Markle’s donation to UK charity is feeding Nottingham

Meghan Markle has donated £10,000 to Himmah, a Nottingham-based charity that runs a food bank and works to tackle poverty and racism. Himmah, the community project, provides more than 650 emergency food parcels every month to people across Nottingham.

It’s reported to be the only charity of its kind in the UK.

Charity trustee Bilal Hussain from Salaam Shalom Kitchen told the BBC: “We used to normally get about 70 or 80 meals out, whereas during the pandemic, we now get 150, 160 sometimes even 170 meals out.

He added: “The Duchess’ contribution has been a lifesaver for many, many people.”

“Those deals have allowed us to deal with the constant increase and for that we are massively grateful.”

Karen Worth from Salaam Shalom Kitchen explained more about the work done by the charity.

She said: “We are cooking up a feast of food that is made up of surplus food from supermarkets.

“We parcel it all up into takeaway boxes and then take it all down to the
Bridge Centre in Hyson Green, which is where we give out the food.”

She added: “We decided that it was really important, for our two [Muslim and Jewish] Communities to come together, to do something good, for the city of Nottingham, to be visibly working together against perceived barriers.”

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Last year, the Duchess supported the Hubb Community Kitchen, a community kitchen launched in 2017 after the Grenfell Tower fire, which has helped struggling families feed themselves.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Meghan said: “The spirit of the Hubb Community Kitchen has always been one of caring, giving back and helping those in need, initially in Grenfell and now throughout the UK.

“A home-cooked meal from one neighbour to another, when they need it most, is what community is all about.”

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