Lilibet Diana christening: Door still open for Meghan and Harry to hold service in UK

Royal editor Russell Myers was sceptical at reports which say Prince Harry and Meghan will not christen Lilibet in the UK after their spokesperson revealed plans were still being made among other factors. Mr Myers told the Pod Save the Queen podcast he believes the Sussexes visiting the UK could open a great opportunity for them to meet with the Royal Family over Christmas or Thanksgiving as Lilibet is still relatively young. The journalist believed the explanations given by the Sussexes were “woolly” and said Archie’s christening and the Queen being the head of the Church of England was enough reason to think they could still visit the UK.

Speaking on the Pod Save the Queen podcast, Mr Myers was asked if he had any update on Lilibet’s christening plans.

He told the show: “It was reported kinda categorically that they weren’t going to christen Lilibet in the UK.

“And that since has been quite vociferously denied that there isn’t any categorical decision on it.

“I mean it all sounds a bit woolly, to be honest, I mean are they or aren’t they?”

Mr Myers, the Daily Mirror’s royal editor, then said Lilibet was only a few months old with many children getting christened upwards to a year old.

He argued there was still plenty of time for Lilibet to be christened and if the event was held in the UK it would allow the Sussexes an excuse to stay for Christmas or any other event. 

Mr Myers said: “Who knows when they will be making their next trip here? Will it be the christening? Will it be for Christmas?

“I don’t think it will be this year. Again, anything could happen.

“The word from their people is they haven’t decided [on the christening plans].

I don’t know if I necessarily take that at face value.

“I think they will probably drop an announcement that it’s already happened and that will be all you know about it.”

Royal christenings tend to be an opportunity for royal fans to get a quick look at a new royal baby and are often big events.

However, Prince Harry deliberately chose a more private occasion for son Archie with only a limited amount of people attending with no public and limited media.

Photos were also released on Prince Harry’s approval, a stark departure from Prince William and Kate’s christenings.

For the Cambridge children, their christenings were bigger affairs with the public invited to attend and many photos released of the event.

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