Liverpool explosion: Massive blast rocks hospital as hero cabbie locks in suicide bomber

CCTV captured the terrifying moment a Liverpool cab was blown apart and set alight by a large explosion outside of Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The video shows the blast resulting in debris flying into the air as the shaky footage shows billowing smoke rise into the air. Three men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act after the explosion involving the taxi took place at the hospital, which is located around a mile away from Liverpool Cathedral where a large Remembrance service was taking place.

The male passenger of the car was declared dead at the scene and is yet to be formally identified.

The driver, also a man, was injured at the scene and remains in hospital in a stable condition.

A friend of the driver claimed on Facebook he got out of his cab and locked the man in the vehicle after apparently noticing an explosive device.

Another said he was left with “pretty serious injuries” after taking the “brunt of the blast”, according to reports.

Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the emergency services response to the car explosion was “fantastic” and people will be able to go about their business as normal on Monday.

She said: “Our emergency services were on the scene within minutes (and) have done a fantastic job of dealing with this incident and working with all the authorities throughout the night. Our job is to be calm and support our emergency services to do the job.”

Ms Anderson added: “I think it’s important not to get drawn into any, you know, what might have been. Our authorities have kept us updated.

“You know, not only dealing with the incident, but engaging with us as city leaders and council staff, as well as keeping the public informed.

“And I think it’s just important to let them tell us what’s happened.”

She said: “Our council centres and respite centres were made available. A couple of people have gone into hotels last night.

“Obviously the residential areas that have been affected, but most people will be able to go about their business today and, of course, if you have any issues contact the authorities, but most people should be able to go about their day today.”

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