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Liz Truss calls for 'barbaric' Russia to be thrown off the UN Security Council

NewsLiz Truss calls for 'barbaric' Russia to be thrown off the UN Security Council

The Foreign Secretary said that Russia is abusing its position on the Security Council to give itself a “green light for barbarism.” It follows allegations that Russian soldiers are using rape as a weapon in the war in Ukraine and the discovery of mass graves of civilians slaughtered by Putin’s forces. Russia has also targeted hospitals and schools and denied civilians a chance to escape from the fighting.

The UK is one of a number of countries to have reported Vladimir Putin and his cronies to the International Criminal Court to investigate human rights abuses.

An investigation is underway over whether Putin and others should face trial in the Hague over his crimes similar to the way Serbian leaders were held to account for abuses in the wars in former Yugoslavia.

The issue was raised in Foreign Office questions in the Commons with Westminster Conservative MP Nickie Aitken demanding that there is a rethink of the UN Security Council and Russia’s membership.

She raised the testimonial of a 41 year old Ukrainian woman who has said she was raped by a 19 year old Russian soldier in Putin’s invasion forces.

She pointed out that the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is today meeting Vladimir Putin to discuss the Ukraine crisis.

She said: “I hope he will raise the use of rape as a weapon of war which the Russians seem to be using.”

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She went on: “With this in mind does my right honourable friend agree with me that as the UN’s charter mandate is to maintain international peace and security perhaps it is time that the international community questioned whether Russia should remain a permanent member of the Security Council.”

Ms Truss responded: “The Security Council does have a role to play. Under our presidency we have used it to call out Russia’s lies.

“We have also hosted President Zelensky to speak too the Council.

“But she is also right that we do have concerns about an international security architecture that has Russia as one of the permanent members of the Security Council.

“They have used their veto as a green light for barbarism.”


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The UK has been praised by Ukraine President Zelensky for leading the way in supplying military and humanitarian aid as well as training to help in the conflict.

Zelensky has demanded that Russian leaders and Putin in particular are held to account for their atrocities in the war which he says are worse than anything seen in Europe since the Nazi’s Holocaust in the Second World War.

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