'Long wasn't it?' Labour's Pidcock slams Starmer's 'uninspiring' speech in brutal verdict

Jeremy Corbyn ally Laura Pidcock was not impressed by Sir Keir Starmer’s one-and-a-half-hour-long speech at the Labour Party conference, bluntly saying it was a bit “long” when grilled by a BBC journalist. The NEC member said it was not Sir Keir’s moment and lamented that there was no “olive branch” offered to some members of his party who may still side with the hard-left policies of Jeremy Corbyn. She was then grilled about the heckling during his speech, including during a section where Sir Keir spoke about his deceased mother, to which Ms Pidcock said she did not experience that in the hall.

Ms Pidcock was immediately interviewed following the conclusion of the speech and appeared bored at the event.

She told the BBC: “It was long, wasn’t it?

“Look, he hasn’t been able to give a speech in front of people for a long time but I didn’t think that was his moment.

“I thought it was quite uninspiring, we thought there might be some olive branch to members of the party…

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“I didn’t really hear many commitments in his speech and that’s disappointing because there is a crisis facing workers.”

Ms Pidcock also noted Angela Eagle was standing near her which she claimed was an attempt to intimidate her into saying something different.

She was then asked about the heckles throughout the speech which challenged the Labour leader on Brexit and the £15-a-hour minimum wage.

She replied: “As I said, I think there is discontent among the membership and that sometimes spills out into those important moments.”

Presenting his much-anticipated speech to the Labour conference, Sir Keir addressed critics of Labour who doubted whether the party could lead the country.

He told the conference hall: “To those Labour voters who rejected us.

“To those Labour who said their grandparents would turn in their graves and they couldn’t trust us with high office.

“Those who reluctantly chose the Tories because they didn’t believe our promises were credible…”

But Sir Keir was then heckled with one audience member shouting: “It was your Brexit policy.”

The outburst appeared to address Labour’s stance on Brexit which some say alienated some traditional Labour supporters who backed Brexit.

The hall cheered as Sir Keir attempted to bring things under control.

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