Lorraine Kelly shares 'sad' chat with daughter Rosie when she returned from Singapore

Talk show host Lorraine Kelly has detailed the challenging conversation she had with her daughter Rosie Smith when she returned from Singapore. The presenter revealed that while it was “a sad thing to do” it was also “vitally important”.

Lorraine, 61, decided it was time to have a word with her daughter Rosie when she became concerned about her safety walking home at night.

Rosie, 27, had previously been living in Singapore, a city with an exceptionally low crime rate, for three and a half years before she booked her flight back to the UK.

Singapore is generally perceived as the safest place in Asia for women, as punishments for even the smallest of crimes are considerably tougher than most European countries.

The popular broadcaster explained that it was “a shame” that she had to remind her daughter of all the dangers that await women walking home in the UK, but that she couldn’t brush it to one side when the risk is so real.

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Lorraine said: “I had to have a conversation I didn’t like having with her, which was to say, ‘Look, you’re not in Singapore anymore. You can’t walk home on your own.’”

“I’m not just talking about London,” she continued.

“I’m talking about every major city in the UK. You do have to be careful.

“That was in a way quite a sad thing to have to do but absolutely vital, which is a great shame,” she told the Sun.

Nevertheless, the fear Lorraine feels for her daughter in the wake of these events was enough to make her warn Rosie to be more “street smart” and to keep an eye on her drink to avoid being spiked.

“It’s a conversation you shouldn’t have to have, but you do,” she confessed.

“I think what’s been so eye opening, particularly for men, is if I was to walk down the street you have your mobile phone in one hand and your keys in the other so you’ve got something to protect yourself.”

“It’s almost like you don’t think about it.”

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