Louise Redknapp 'finding family adjustment tough' as Jamie's wedding leaves her 'shocked'

Louise said she found her self-confidence again after competing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016.

After her stint on the show, she decided her marriage was over.

Five years on, she said in her autobiography You’ve Got This: “Before anyone could stop me, I just ran, as fast as the wind would take me. I never once looked behind, until maybe too late.

“I should have paused for a minute and thought about other people and had just a bit more time to work out why I felt I couldn’t do it any more.”

She went on to urge those who had thought about ending their relationship to “slow down” before running.

“Stop, say what you need, say what you think, don’t be afraid to say what’s really going on. You don’t have to be quiet,” she added.

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