‘Lovely’ Lady Louise Windsor steps into spotlight to commemorate Prince Philip

During the touching programme, Louise shared how the late Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April, passed on to her his keen interest in carriage driving.

The Duke was synonymous with carriage driving and had been designing the vehicles since the 1970s.

Lady Louise is a keen equestrian and, like her late grandfather, has competed in several carriage-driving competitions.

“The Duke of Edinburgh has been so involved in my driving which has been so lovely although slightly scary because he invented the sport pretty much,” Lady Louise said.

“It’s incredible to have learned first hand from him.

“After a competition, he would always ask how it went.

“His eyes would light up because he just gets so excited when he talks about it.

“When we would go carriage driving, he would take me on a different route every day, I do not know how he managed to do that, and tell me all sorts of anecdotes about anything and everything.

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“I’d always wanted to do it because of the skills you develop as a result, she said.

“My favourite part was my expeditions.

“Just having that level of independence and self-sufficiency and having that sense of achievement when it was finished.

“There was certainly an element of making my grandfather proud and honouring him by taking part in the award that has been so much of his life’s work.

“I definitely hope I have made him proud.”

The appearance from the young royal comes mere weeks ahead of Lady Louise’s 18th birthday (8th November), when she can decide whether to legally become Her Royal Highness Princess Louise, in the same way as her cousins are known as HRH Princess Beatrice and HRH Princess Eugenie.

Viewers and royal watchers praised “lovely” Lady Louise Windsor’s participation in the BBC documentary remembering the Duke of Edinburgh.

AnnRoyalFlush said on Twitter: “It was great to hear Lady Louise’s recollections in her FIRST televised interview! Nice to see her so confident and mature, she shared a wonderful connection with #PrincePhilip- his love of horses/carriage driving lives on through her!”

“Lady Louise is lovely and very well-spoken,” tweeted Mildred Garner.

Charles Taker said “The best royal family documentary I have seen in a long time.

“Enjoyed Lady Louise’s contribution.”

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