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Lynsey Crombie shares toothbrush hack for a spotless shower – ‘makes your life easier'

Life & StyleLynsey Crombie shares toothbrush hack for a spotless shower - ‘makes your life easier'

Speaking on This Morning on Thursday, the cleaning expert has shared her hacks for a spotless shower. She explained one simple hack that only requires white vinegar and a toothbrush.

Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie showed how to go about cleaning the bathroom and shower whilst she shared various cleaning tips with viewers.

While there are lots of pricey cleaning products on the market, the expert explained these are not always necessary.

During her This Morning appearance, Lynsey shared how to clean shower heads.

She said: “Shower cleaning is one of those jobs where I think that most of us including me hate, especially if you have one that’s really awkward to get into.

“So I thought we’d start high with the shower head.

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She explained how shower heads tend to get dirty and clogged very easily.

Lynsey said: “So some shower heads obviously come down, like this one does, which is great, but if you’ve got one of those really lovely waterfall showers I’ve still got a solution for those too.

“What I tend to do for these showers [the old fashioned ones] is once a month literally dipped it into some warm water in a bucket, with a splash of white vinegar and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and it will start to do its work.

“Then grab a toothbrush and after it has had its dip, give it a little scrub and get off any of that excess debris.”

She then shared a hack on how to clean the waterfall showers.

Lynsey said: “If you have got one of the lovely showers, all I suggest you do is get a really nice microfibre cloth and wrap it around the head, or you can use a nice bit of kitchen roll, and then just leave that up in position.

“Then once it’s done do the same and give it a bit of a scrub when you’ve finished with it.”

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But for Britons not a fan of scrubbing, Lynsey suggests a simple trick homeowners can do to ensure a shower stays fresh by keeping a squeegee nearby.

She said: “Always hang a squeegee in the shower and then as you come out of the shower and on the glass just take the water off like so.

“It just makes your life so much easier.”

The cleaning expert then shared another hack to clean a shower simply using household staples.

Lynsey said: “Half a lemon dip it in some salt to make an exfoliator and rub that all over your shower screen 

“Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it with the shower head and buff it dry.”

She urged homeowners to always use a good microfibre cloth and when washing them never add fabric conditioner as that will remove the absorbency and make them useless.

Lynsey also showed how to make a cleaning spray solution to clean shower screens.

She said: “So this is water, it’s white vinegar again and a drop of essential oil.”

This can be used to spray the shower screen to give a really nice clean and gives a good scent.

Lynsey explained how Britons don’t need to worry about the lasting scent of vinegar.

She said: “Honestly, the vinegar goes after about 10 minutes, everyone always says to me ‘what about the smell?’

“But it goes, it does smell initially but you soon forget about it.”

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