M20 traffic latest: Motorists bound for Eurotunnel face delays of more than an hour

National Highways said: “There are delays in excess of 1 hour affecting traffic bound for Eurotunnel wishing to exit at J11a on the M20 eastbound/coastbound.

“This is due to an ongoing operational issue affecting the frequency and capacity of trains through the Channel Tunnel.”

Motorists heading for the Eurotunnel are advised to build extra time allowances into their journey. 

National Highways detailed: “Traffic using the M20 coastbound between J11 and J11a please be aware of the presence of stationary traffic in the left hand/nearside lane of the M20 coastbound between J11 and J11a queuing tom access the the terminal.

“As a precaution we have closed the coastbound entry sliproad to the M20 at J11.”


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