Make up your mind! Remoaner Adonis slams Labour AND Tories – blames Brexit for tax hikes

The Labour Party peer has been a continued critic of the UK’s departure from the EU. This despite the historic Brexit referendum of 2016 that saw Britain vote in favour of leaving the bloc. He has constantly campaigned for the UK to one day rejoin the EU, even though Britain formally left the bloc on January 1 after the two sides signed a comprehensive post-Brexit trade deal.

Now Lord Adonis has hit out at both the Tories and Labour over impending tax hikes that will hit the UK while also once again pinning the blame on Brexit.

He tweeted: “So we now have a Tory government putting up taxes but pretending it wants to cut them.

“A Labour opposition which would put up taxes while complaining that taxes are already too high.

“Neither of them talks about Brexit, a prime cause of the higher taxes. Time for honest politics.”

Opinion was split on the comments from Lord Adonis, with several people taking to Twitter to reply to the Labour peer.

Several voiced their support, with some getting behind his campaign for the UK to rejoin the EU, and others joining in their criticism of both political parties.

John Costi-Mouyia wrote: “Honest politics means all of us LP members demanding a rejoin campaign being put on the agenda.

“Kier’s fear that the electorate won’t tolerate it is misguided. It’s time.”

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Aaron Nash commented: Where have they said they would ‘put up taxes’?

“Norway’s Labour Party party won by putting up wealth taxes while decreasing income taxes on all worked under about 70k.

“Might be worth looking at something similar.”

While Twitter user andypandy1979 mocked: “What happened to the Brexit fuel crisis?”

This comes with Chancellor Rishi Sunak apparently showing determination to cut taxes ahead of the next general election amid fears among some Tory MPs at the surging burden on the taxpayer.

He has reportedly ordered Treasury officials to look at options for reducing a tax burden that is set to skyrocket to its highest level for 70 years.

A range of measures could include a 2p cut in the basic rate of income tax and slashing the rate of VAT, according to The Times.

It is also believed officials are looking at the possibility of scrapping the 45p higher rate of income tax and to raise the threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable.

This would likely be seen as an attempt from the Chancellor to restore his reputation as a “low-tax Tory” following the recent decision to increase National Insurance – leaving many furious as it breaks a key manifesto promise from the Conservatives.

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