'Makes me cry' Carol Vorderman, 60, shares emotional post as she ‘can’t see good things’

Carol Vorderman, 60, felt very emotional this afternoon as she visited a beach in her homeland of Wales where the sky looked decidedly overcast. The former Countdown host said the picturesque landscape made her “cry”, as a slight parting in the clouds reminded her that “good things” exist, even if you can not see them.

Carol snapped a grey tinged photo of the beach and typed: “These are the moments that make me cry… when the clouds part for just a second. 

“I see that as this…..just because you can’t see good things, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. I love my country.”

In response, her followers posted heart emojis and sent her “hugs”.

Jackiemphillips1 commented: “Beautiful Newgale, no matter what the weather. My Happy place.”

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Carol went on to explain how she injured herself in the process as she got “trapped” next to the treadmill.

She said: “I’d put the treadmill in the alcove, fell and got trapped in the corner and the belt kept going and burned so much of my skin off!!!!”

The popular TV personality reassured fans that she was okay, despite the painful incident, as she jokingly called herself “stupid”, she said: “YES I’M STUPID… but hey I’m still here and SMILING”

Carol uses weights to create her impressive physique and has previously posted her workout plan online.

The TV personality alternates lower and upper body days with additional core exercises factored in.

Her lower body workout consists of goblet squats, forward lunges and glute raises with burpees in between exercises if she’s feeling up to it.

To craft a strong core she does leg raises, side oblique dumbbell raises with glute raises, reverse crunches and a plank as extras.

The upper body day consists of shoulder press pyramids and frontal deltoid raises.

She added that she also “walks about seven miles a day and three circuits a week”.

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