Man Utd have Ralf Rangnick issues as club in battle for new boss to take charge vs Arsenal

“They need someone to make an impact now. A nice pension for him, 63 years old, it’s lovely work if you can get it. I just don’t get this appointment.”

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But United legend Rio Ferdinand said by contrast on Vibe with FIVE: “I’m happy with it, I’ve seen a lot of people disgruntled, a lot of people in the media saying ‘why’s he got it?’

“People keep judging this situation based on Man United 10 years ago. Man United are in a completely different place now, they need to be rebuilt.

“Now they have an opportunity with somebody who has the experience and understanding, and knows the detail behind building not only a team, but a club from the ground up.

“Not that the club needs building, but from a certain point, there’s a DNA, a philosophy, and understanding of what you want to do, and an identity needs to be recreated that fits Man United.

“There’s no better person in the world for me right now who would be able to do all of those things. It’s a big ask, a club of this size.”

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