Married At First Sight UK’s Franky savages Marilyse over having children

Franky and Marilyse hit it off as the most mature couple of the series and there was definitely initial attraction on their wedding day. At the time, the ex-army man even opened up to the idea of meeting her two sons. However, in explosive scenes set to air on Monday night, Franky ends up putting his foot in it with his new bride as tells her his ideal match wouldn’t have had children.

In a clip obtained by ahead of Monday’s instalment, Franky’s admission comes after Marilyse discusses her concerns about their relationship.

She explains she is worried the fact she has two children and can’t move to Dubai will cause a strain in their relationship.

“I hope I haven’t disappointed you that I do have children and that I can’t move to Dubai,” Marilyse began.

Franky hits back: “Everybody in life says ideally this and ideally that. I also said ideally maybe she doesn’t have kids.”

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Marilyse is clearly upset by her husband’s remark and speaking to the camera afterwards, she admits: “To be honest with you, I was offended because I have got children and I don’t want that to be a problem.”

 “I don’t like to waste time,” she later explains. “Maybe we’re not meant to be. Maybe this isn’t right for me.”

Franky’s savage comment comes after the couple received an anonymous letter containing advice about their relationship.

In an episode that aired last week, each couple were asked to write a letter to another couple as part of an activity.

He shouted: “Franky you were defensive and closed off… which shallow little b****ing b**** wrote this?”

Later, Marilyse read her own letter said she was grateful for the advice, which only made Franky even angrier.

As Franky was speaking to the group, Marilyse went to speak and he snapped: “Maybe when I speak, don’t speak”, to which she replied: “What do you mean?”

“I was just saying something to them all,” he answered but Marilyse’s hit back: “That’s not a nice thing to say,” 

Franky’s response to his wife angered viewers, with many calling for him to be axed from the show. Other fans are urging Marylise to leave Franky.

Cherry penned: “Marilyse needs to let Franky go. If he moves to be with her and they break up he’s gonna throw it back in her face every time. Too much pressure tbh.” (sic)

Hannah wrote: “It really concerns me that the ‘experts’ haven’t identified Franky’s controlling, abusive behaviour, and made him leave the experiment.”

While Francesca added: “Surely Marilyse is going to choose leave, Franky is so toxic.” (sic)

Married At First Sight UK airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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