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Martin Lewis shares advice if your flight is cancelled – how to get compensation

TravelMartin Lewis shares advice if your flight is cancelled - how to get compensation

Martin Lewis is a personal finance expert and founder of Money Saving Expert. He often offers his top tips and advice on how Britons can save money, especially as many Britons across the country are hit with the current cost of living crisis.

Martin appeared on This Morning today to offer advice to a woman who wanted to know how she could be reimbursed for her cancelled flight.

Numerous airlines such as British Airways and easyJet have cancelled hundreds of flights in recent days and weeks due to Covid-related issues, principally staff shortages.

However, Martin said: “If your flight is cancelled regardless, you are always entitled to a choice of a refund or the next available flight – which technically doesn’t have to be with the same airline.

“If at the earliest opportunity they could put you on another airline, and they pay for it – technically they should though they often don’t.

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“Plus, if the fault is the airline’s and it is a EU-regulated flight, then you are also entitled to compensation.

“And not having proper rotas in place for staff sickness is traditionally seen as their fault.”

Martin explained the airline may argue it is an “extraordinary circumstance” because of Covid, but he said he believed easyJet has said it would “pay out compensation” for passengers.

“So, the first thing is, anyone whose flight is cancelled, you’ll find it very easy to get the return flight or an alternative flight, but they won’t tell you about cancellation and that you’re entitled to compensation on the back of that,” the finance expert added.


Martin has also shared his top tips in this week’s weekly Money Saving Expert (MSE) newsletter.

He recommended using MSE’s travel money comparison tool to check the cheapest flights and hotels, before sharing a hotel rebook trick that may save families hundreds of pounds.

To try out the rebook trick, simply check latest prices on comparison sites Skyscanner, Kayak, and Tripadvisor.

If the price of your hotel has dropped and booking allows free cancellation, rebook for less using the above websites, Martin advised.

If a passenger’s flight has been cancelled in recent weeks, Martin explained they are likely due hundreds of pounds in compensation, on top of a refund or a new flight.

Martin said: “If the delay left you out of pocket, caused huge hassle or you’d paid for an expensive flight and were moved to one that could’ve been cheaper, you may want to go for it.”

There are other ways to save money in your day-to-day life as the cost of living crisis in Britain ensues.

In the newsletter, Martin explained that MSE’s guide is “overflowing” with tips to flush out big savings, including water-saving freebies, £35 a year sewage rebates, and help for those struggling.

Water firms are handing out over 750,000 water freebies via water efficiency site Save Water Save Money, and these include shower heads, tap inserts, shower timers, and garden hose nozzles.

Furthermore, if your rain water drains into a soakaway in your garden rather than going into the public sewer, you can claim a rebate for those charges, which are typically £35 a year.

Martin added that if you’re on a low income, have a medical condition, or get certain benefits, you may be entitled to discounted or capped water bills.

The MSE founder is doing all he can to provide information for people whom will be hit the most by the cost of living crisis.

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