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Mega O2 deal offers 12 months free Disney+ AND free Chromebook with Samsung Galaxy S22

TechMega O2 deal offers 12 months free Disney+ AND free Chromebook with Samsung Galaxy S22

The S22+ plan that O2 highlights is the one that comes with 50GB of monthly data plus unlimited minutes and texts.

This requires a £30 upfront payment along with a £53.50 per month charge.

The O2 deal means you’re getting close to £380 worth of freebies when you sign-up to get a Galaxy S22+ handset.

If you’ve got an old phone as well you don’t need anymore you can trade it in to get an extra £100 off, making the price of your contract overall even cheaper.

Samsung fans that are tempted by this O2 deal though need to act quick, as the Chromebook and Disney+ freebies aren’t around forever.

The free Samsung Chromebook offer with O2 ends on May 4, while the 12 months free Disney+ promotion ends a few days later on May 6.

For anyone interested in getting these freebies and a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S22+, there’s one important thing to point out before you rush over to the O2 website.

Unlike the majority of mobile providers, O2’s pre-built contracts have a 36 month device plan, as opposed to the standard 24 month contract length.

So if you opt for a pre-built contract you could be agreeing to pay monthly payments for longer than you are used to.

Thankfully, if you want to avoid this you can simply take advantage of the ability to edit a plan on the O2 website.

Head to the S22+ page and find the package that interests you, and instead of clicking on ‘choose this plan’ select ‘edit this plan’ below.

You will then be taken to a screen where you can not only change the amount of months your contract runs for, but also adjust the upfront payment that’s required as well as tinker with the amount of monthly data you get.

While changing these things will all have an impact on the amount you pay per month, it at least gives you the flexibility to make sure the contract doesn’t run for longer than you expect, and what you’re getting from your O2 contract is exactly to your liking.

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