Meghan and Harry have 'one eye on their reputation' as pair 'nurture celebrity' lifestyle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to ensure that their name is associated with “good things”, as they aim to focus on “worthy and worthwhile” causes with their Netflix and Spotify deals. A royal commentator told that the couple will want to avoid appearing as though they are “living in luxury”, in order to build up their reputation and establish their celebrity status. 

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told “I expect that Harry and Meghan want to try and concentrate on preaching about worthy causes in their Spotify and Netflix deals, but they will also have one eye on their own reputations.

“That’s for two reasons, one is that they obviously want to look good and part of nurturing a celebrity reputation is trying to ensure that your name is for good things, rather than frivolity or living in luxury or your wealth.

“They’ll therefore be looking to cover topics that are considered worthy and worthwhile.”

Meghan and Prince Harry announced in September 2020 that they had signed a lucrative deal with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify. 

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The deal is estimated to be worth over £100million, and will see the couple produce a range of “informative” and “uplifting” content. 

In their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry explained that they had signed on to the deal as a means of ensuring financial security, after being cut off from the Royal Family. 

Whilst the couple are yet to announce a podcast series with Spotify, the couple have already launched their first projects with Netflix.

In April, it was announced that Prince Harry would be executive-producing and starring in a docu-series titled ‘Heart of Invictus’. 

Neither of the projects has a release date, but both have already entered pre-production. 

As well as their deals with Spotify and Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan have established their own non-profit foundation, Archewell. 

The organisation focuses on a number of key issues that are closely associated with the couple, including climate change, mental health, and gender equality. 

Through their work with Archewell, the Sussexes visited New York over the weekend, for a 3-day tour which saw them greet a number of high-ranking officials to discuss issues such as vaccine equity and children’s literacy. 

In another sign of their transition to global figures, Prince Harry and Meghan recently fronted the cover of Time magazine, after being listed as two of the most influential people in the world.

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