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Meghan and Harry's 'sexual attraction' clear in The Hague – body language expert claims

Life & StyleMeghan and Harry's 'sexual attraction' clear in The Hague - body language expert claims

Prince Harry is still in The Hague, the Netherlands, for the Invictus Games, while the Duchess of Sussex returned home to California on Sunday night. While the pair were at the Games together, they were always side-by-side and were not afraid to show public displays of affection. A body language expert spoke to Express.co.uk about this.

Judi James shared her professional analysis of the couple, focusing on the pictures and videos taken of them on Sunday, the second day of the Invictus Games.

On this day, Meghan and Harry watched the Games’ events together and were seen speaking to the athletes and even stroking a dog at one point.

While watching the Games together, Harry and Meghan sat close to one another, and were not afraid to express their mutual attraction.

Judi continued: “While Harry sits looking splayed but slightly tense, Meghan places an affectionate hand on his thigh in an intimate signal of both loving connection and sexual attraction.

“With the cameras following every nuanced move closely, Meghan and Harry both crouch low to pet a dog together,” the body language expert added.

Judi claimed that Harry had seemed emotional over the weekend.

Looking at an image of Meghan staring “adoringly” at Harry as he spoke to the Games’ participants, the body language expert said: “Meghan’s adoring gaze here should be the most flattering and reassuring signal for Harry, whose emotions seem to have been rather raw so far during this current Invictus Games.

“The image he sees when he looks down at his wife here looks perfectly framed, including the romantic way her engagement ring is held near her face.


“In many ways it looks like the non-verbal response to Harry’s habit of holding and fiddling with his wedding ring during his more emotional moments during the arrivals and his tearful-looking speech.”

Judi went on to note how the couple have a “habit” of holding hands when they are together.

She said: “The couple’s synchronicity looks back on track again after Harry’s rather anxious appearance.

“With the opening of the games over he looks happy to relax a little and return to some of his signature rituals with Meghan, like this habit of walking together while using eye contact and holding hands.”

The couple seemed to be happy in many of the photos taken on Sunday.

“Harry seems to be laughing again, exchanging smiles with his wife here,” Judi said.

“Meghan rewards him with another signature gesture of the two-handed hold, where she clasps his hand as well as placing her free hand on his arm to show added closeness.”

When the second day of the Invictus Games came to an end, Meghan left her husband to go back to California to her children.

For the day’s events on Sunday, Meghan wore a simple but stunning outfit of an off-white blazer and a slim pair of jeans.

The blazer was belted and from Brandon Maxwell’s new spring/summer collection.

She completed the look with Manolo Blahnik light brown stiletto heels and Valentino sunglasses.

Her dark brown locks were in natural-looking waves down her back and she wore minimal make-up apart from her signature smoky eye and a little bronzer on her cheeks.

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