Meghan Markle admits to still using promotion codes when shopping online

In an interview with the New York Times Meghan Markle suggested she never buys online without finding a promo code. She said her own upbringing included the practice of “clipping coupons” and was questioned whether she really continued to do that to save money now as a Duchess.

“Do they have coupons any more?” she laughed.

“I will never buy anything online without finding an online promo code.

“It’s still in there, it’s a modern version of the same thing.”

Speaking of the sense of pride that comes with work, she said she had been a waitress, hostess and started earning money at the age of eight or nine by sewing hair scrunchies.

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Meghan Markle said: “There is so much that we can do today, now, that can get us closer to ending the pandemic and that’s why we’re all here.

“We’re able to be here tonight because the most brilliant scientists, researchers, frontline workers and selfless public health leaders have risked their lives to protect our global community. They are our humanitarian heroes.”

Meghan concluded: “And finally in our conversations these experts shared that how the vaccine is distributed and who it is distributed to should be left to independent international organisations who know exactly where the doses are most needed.

“Just think about the millions of vaccines which have been discarded this year. That’s like throwing away life vests when those around you are drowning.”

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