Meghan Markle has 'skeletons in closet' as family holding back on 'embarrassing stuff'

Royal author Tom Bower claimed he believes Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle – who has spoken out in numerous interviews – has held back “embarrassing stuff” about her. Mr Bower, who is penning a book on the Duchess of Sussex, added that he thinks “more will come out”.

Mr Bower told Closer magazine: “She was really family-orientated when she was younger, but she seems to have completely erased memories of that and disowned him [Thomas Markle].

“Similarly, she cut off her ex-husband when her career started taking off.

“She seems to me to be a very ambitious, unforgiving person.

“But I think, much to her dismay, more will come out.

“I think Thomas is keeping some things back and that he has a lot of embarrassing stuff on her.

“There are skeletons in the closet and, when provoked, I think the secrets could all come out.”

Mr Bower also claimed the Sussexes, who quit royal duties last year for a new life in America, have isolated themselves.

He told the magazine: “Harry and Meghan have totally isolated themselves.

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“They seem so desperate to control the narrative that they can’t risk anyone else influencing it – but this will simply cause more damage to them in the future when their children grow up with no family around them.”

Earlier this year, Mr Bower promised his book on Prince Harry’s wife – which is set to be released in 2022 – will “tell the truth”.

The biographer, who has also penned a book on Prince Charles, said: “I’m writing it now.

“It will tell the truth when it comes out next year.”

Harry and Meghan, who tied the knot in 2018, are living in California after quitting royal duties.

The couple hit out at the Royal Family in their controversial Oprah Winfrey interview in March.

Harry has returned to the UK twice since Megxit – for Prince Philip’s funeral in April and the unveiling of a Princess Diana statue in July.

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