Merkel blasted over ‘two unforgivable mistakes’ as France-German alliance branded complete

The far-right leaning MEP representing the West of France took the opportunity to share his thoughts as Ms Merkel’s term comes to an end, and relations between the two EU powers ware thin. “Merkel Committed two unforgivable mistakes, of which we are paying the price. The replacement of nuclear power by coal, which kills our climate, and the opening of the EU to migratory flooding in 2015, which shakes our civilization” said the Tween by Lebreton.

Adding to the debate, French MP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan appearing on French news network, BFM TV said: “The Franco-German couple is a French illusion, the Germans have always defended their interests and I don’t criticize them one bit for it, but I demand the French to do the same.”

Adding to the notion that a new Chancellor may improve the situation, Dupont-Aignan said in the interview: “I have no Chancellor preference in Germany. They have chosen. Well, they chose without choosing.

“The only thing I want to say is that Germany defended its interest under Angela Merkel for 16 years. She always put German interests above the rest, and during that period, France was too naïve.”

Speaking of why the French believe that the neighbourly relationship was blooming, the MP took a swipe at a weak President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

“The Franco-German couple is a French illusion of a weak President of the Republic who clings to the German partner to look European.”

However, Mr Dupont-Aignan stated that in order for a relationship to blossom between the two, he said: “A partnership based on equality and common work towards common goals,” was the recipe for a more balanced bi-lateral partnership.

The latest analysis of the relationship between France and Germany by French officials comes following similar echoes last week.

French MEP claims ‘every man for himself’ in post-Brexit Europe

Speaking of the notion of talks to resolve the issue prior to the UN General Assembly, Mr Hass added: “Some things need to be straightened out there before you can sit down in such a format.”

With the initial honeymoon period seen between President Macron and Chancellor Merkel upon his inauguration have melted away, the French head has taken a wild approach to his premiership.

Suggestions of creating an EU-wide army, as well as whispers from French MEPs to allow the EU to take France’s seat on the UNSC have all emerged.

Tactical decisions to block EU trade deals with Australia have also been mentioned.

There are several high-profile opponents likely to challenge Macron in the next French presidential elections, with Michel Barnier and Marine Le Pen both in the running. Next year could potentially see two new European leaders attempt to recover the pieces of a broken relationship as an ‘Ever Closer Union’ floats slowly and further apart.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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