'Metaphor for Brexit Britain' Remoaner Alastair Campbell blames cancelled train on EU exit

Tony Blair’s former spin doctor took to Twitter to fume over his train to Leeds being cancelled due to “failed locomotive”. Mr Campbell, who was on his way to appear on Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch, said it was a “metaphor for Brexit Covid Britain”.

Mr Campbell tweeted: “Great start to the day … lido swim.

“Not so great next chapter.

“Train to Leeds cancelled because of ‘failed locomotive.’

“A metaphor for Brexit Covid Britain.

“@PackedLunchC4 – you might have to start without me. Next one in an hour (assuming it works).”

But Mr Campbell sparked a backlash from some Twitter users over his post.

One user with the handle @BertrumDisco replied: “Campbell’s life… let’s blame Brexit.”

Another, @y666jue_julie, mocked: “I wanted to hang some washing out today, my only day off too! It’s raining… Bl**dy Brexit!”

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“I am assuming that my local Shell garage has no unleaded petrol.

“Must be those global supply chain issues that seem to keep picking on…”

And Mr Campbell even claimed apples were now “wrinkly and soft” due to Brexit as he presented Good Morning Britain in September.

Mr Campbell, who had brought two apples to the studio with him, said to co-host Susanna Reid: “So last night my Ocado shop arrives. Apples… have a little feel of my apple.

“It’s wrinkly and it’s soft and it’s a bit rubbery.

“So we checked it out with Ocado and they said basically it’s because of a shortage of pickers, a shortage of drivers and a shortage of CO2.

“So all these things we’ve been talking about, they’re now affecting our apples as well.

“So this is a Brexit apple, I would argue.”

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