Mexican drug cartel riding jet skis open fire on Cancun beach – ‘Panic at the resort’

The five gunmen in military uniforms fired around 20 shots by the Oasis Palm resort on Tuesday, reports reveal. According to Hernández Gutiérrez, the Quintana Roo chief of police, the five men arrived onto the beach with jet skis and began shooting in order to scare away tourists.

However, no one was injured in the chaotic incident.

After the tourists fled the scene the men left their jet skis, changed their clothes, and deserted the beach.

The jet skis were later seized by police, Mr Gutiérrez said.

Witnesses were left shocked after seeing the terrifying incident.

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“I’m not overly concerned because this is the first time ever.

“We’ve been coming down for 31 years and we’ve never had any issues.”

Some witnesses heard the gunfire from their rooms at the hotel.

Witness Zayne Jones told KUTV: “I ran to the balcony to tell them to get down and get to a corridor and get cover.

“There was panic at the resort, people running and yelling.

“Luckily nobody got hurt, but it could have gone a different way.

“Just not a good feeling having your kids out here.”

Violence at popular Mexican resorts, especially in Cancun, have become an increasing issue for local authorities and members of the Mexican National Guard have even been deployed to patrol beaches to keep an eye on potential criminal activity.

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