'Michel Barnier wants break up the UK!' Farage slams France over Northern Ireland row

The GB News host and former Brexit Party leader  has claimed Mr Barnier wants to “break” the UK as a “punishment” for voting in favour of Brexit. Discussing the Northern Ireland protocol with former DUP leader Arlene Forster, Mr Farage claimed Sinn Fein representatives were courted by EU figures in the wake of the 2016 referendum. He believes the EU had planned all along to back the reunification of Ireland to punish Britain for voting to leave. 

Mr Farage, speaking on GB News, said: “There is actually a much bigger agenda here.

“Without being conspiratorial about it, I think actually Barnier and others would like to break the United Kingdom; they would see that as a suitable punishment for daring to vote for Brexit.

“Isn’t it interesting that as it has become more and more difficult for goods from England, Wales and Scotland to go to Northern Ireland, it has become much easier for goods from the Republic of Ireland to go into Northern Ireland and now we get this talk about all the all Irish economy.”

“I think this has been the plan from the very beginning.”

Speaking to the former DUP leader, Mr Farage added: “But I do think one of the problems that we have really got here Arlene is it all comes down to one work, France.

“Because the French not just furious…Macron not just furious for Brexit…furious about Aukus deal.”

It comes as the EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator said there is “no way” the European Union should consider renegotiating the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“The protocol is not the problem, it’s the solution to the problems created by Brexit,” Mr Barnier told RTE’s Prime Time.

“There is a room for working on pragmatic and operational solutions to address some concerns of the Brits.

“But there is no way, in my view, to accept any renegotiation of this protocol.”

Mr Barnier has insisted Prime Minister Boris Johnson knew exactly what he had signed up to,

In his recent book My Secret Brexit Diary, Mr Barnier said: “With Boris Johnson. Not without him, or against him. With him, with his team, a professional team, and Boris Johnson knows exactly what he signed.”

He also revealed there were concerns in the EU that other member states could follow the UK out of the bloc.

“There is always a risk but we have to understand the reasons,” he said.

“Very British reasons, social anger, popular feeling, which is quite different from populism. We have to understand, to listen and to answer.

“I think the EU begin to answer by some change in some policy. External policy, trade policy, industrial policy, the policy of migration also. We have to continue to intensify change, because Brexit was unlikely even for Farage and some others, but it happened. So we have to be very careful.”

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