Million-pound motorhomes: Inside 'finest conversion in the industry'- £1.8m luxury caravan

Million Pound Motorhomes is a Channel 5 series exploring the world of luxury motorhomes. While Britons may be used to the traditional caravans for a camping trip, motorhomes can also give holidaymakers a five-star experience.

In tonight’s episode, actor Ricky Tomlinson goes in search of his old beloved motorhome.

The series also follows Charlie, a multimillionaire owner of the largest plumbing company in the UK, who is looking to buy his first motorhome to travel around the country.

They both look for incredible caravans that can provide a five-star experience.

However, the motorhomes they view have nothing to do with the “finest conversion in the industry”: the Elegant Lady.

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The 2017 Elegant Lady is a luxurious motorhome based in the US that has a price tag of £1.8 million.

In the US, over 40million people regularly enjoy the open road onboard a caravan or motorhome.

Considered the “finest conversion coach in the industry”, the Elegant Lady can be operated by wireless or remote iPad control system.


The luxury motorhome features LED lighting and heated flooring.

The living room has a breakfast bar with two fixed chairs, a large galley sink system, 220-volt two burner cook-top and a full laundry stack.

If that wasn’t enough it also has a 55 flat screen that rotates from the ceiling.

The master bedroom includes a leather closet, king-size bed, and mirrored ceilings.

And some are actually looking for that, a “Downtown Abbey on wheels” as Charlie said during today’s episode.

At the moment, there are over 60,000 people living in motorhomes in the UK.

And Britons willing to pay almost £2million can opt for this luxury accommodation which is currently on sale.

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