Motorists risk up to £18,000 in fines this winter as one simple mistake could cost £10,000

As the weather gets colder, motorists are being warned of driving conditions getting worse, as seen by Storm Arwen battering much of the UK with large parts of Scotland, Wales and northern England. Drivers saw heavy winds, snow and ice, with drivers facing hours of travel disruption, and are now being warned of thousands of pounds worth of fines they could amass if they drive this winter.

Careless driving

Many people think that careless driving is using a mobile phone or drifting between lanes, but it includes a lot more.

Careless driving can include simple mistakes caused by icy conditions, such as following another car too closely, driving too quickly (even within the speed limit) and taking a corner too fast.

If the police deem a driver to be driving carelessly, they could see fines up to £2,500.


With the temperatures plummeting, many drivers may be looking to invest in warmer snow boots with good tread.

But, the Highway Code 97 states that drivers should ensure “clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner”.

Violating this code can result in a £100 fine and three points on a driving licence, though it’s more likely that a motorist will be given a warning or offered an educational driving seminar instead.

Driving through puddles

Motorists should also watch out when driving following periods of heavy rain and snow.

If someone drives through a large puddle and ends up splashing a pedestrian, a driver could run the risk of paying a £100 fine.

The pedestrian could choose to take it to court where the driver could be left with a massive £5,000 fine, according to Car Lease Special Offers.

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