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Motorists warned of huge fines and penalty points for road rage – 'driving dangerously'

Life & StyleMotorists warned of huge fines and penalty points for road rage - 'driving dangerously'

Drivers face on-the-spot fines of £100 and three points for careless driving, or £2,500 and up to nine points for more serious cases. In these extreme cases, motorists can even be disqualified from driving.

Driving dangerously can lead to between three and 11 points, as well as an unlimited fine, driving bans and a potential prison sentence.

Careless driving is defined as poor lane discipline, swerving and more, while dangerous driving includes driving recklessly, dangerously as well as overtaking in dangerous locations.

When faced with a slow driver, motorists are urged to remain calm and give them space, especially if they are a learner driver.

James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo, warned that there are thousands of learner drivers on the road, which may cause some more experienced drivers to become impatient.

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“They’re likely to make mistakes, and adding pressure to the situation can be the difference between them learning and moving on, or sparking a crisis of confidence.

“Drivers who come across learners should be conscious of the consequences for driving dangerously around learners, from on-the-spot fines to disqualifications from driving altogether.”

Road users often rev their engines or honk their car horns to try and get other drivers to speed up or pay attention to the road.

Veygo are warning that this could lead to more disruption as the learner driver could become distracted and may take longer to perform their manoeuvres.

This comes as nearly half of drivers surveyed by the RAC said it should take no more than three seconds to pull off after the traffic light turns green.

Around 46 percent of motorists said they would get annoyed if a driver didn’t move off when the lights change.

The research found that the younger the driver is, the more likely they are to become annoyed when they are forced to wait.

Simon Williams, RAC spokesperson, said: “While three seconds is obviously a very short time, anything longer than this can start to seem like an eternity when you desperately want to get through a set of traffic lights and the person in front is taking forever to get going. 

“When you think that some lights only stay green for 15 seconds, this severely limits the number of vehicles that can get through before red comes up again, and this in turn makes jams – and potentially even air pollution – worse.

“While our findings back up the old saying about the ‘impatience of youth’ with drivers under 35 being the most likely to get annoyed at those who cause unnecessary delays at traffic lights.

“It’s also the case that more drivers need to pay attention to the lights and not use the time to daydream or worse to check their handheld phones illegally.

“Just being ready to go could save others lots of time at the wheel, not to mention keeping some drivers’ blood pressure down.”

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