MP on verge of tears as he remembers Sir David and he warns UK 'can't shut down democracy'

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, a friend of the murdered Sir David Amess, has insisted that “democracy” will not be defeated as he fought back tears discussing the late MP. Sir David died last Friday after he was attacked during a routine surgery meeting with constituents in Leigh-on-Sea. A 25-year-old man is currently being held on suspicion of murder.

Speaking on GB News host Tom Harwood, Mr Rosindell said: “I’m feeling very emotional and upset to lose a friend.

“He was a wonderful man. He was not like he was better than most MPs. Have to say he was really genuine.

“He cared, he wasn’t one of these MPs who walked past you and says hi but doesn’t mean it.

“He was more than just someone you associate with. He cared about people he was passionate about things.”


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He went on: “He was principled, you know, he wouldn’t compromise on what he stood for what he believed in.

“And he had time for everyone. He didn’t look down on you. You know he would treat everyone equally.

“He didn’t deserve what’s happened to him.

“I feel for his family. I can’t get my head round it.”

He continued: “I spent the day staying south and I was pleased I did that. I felt better for going there and seeing people.  Went to other churches did interviews, laid flowers.

“But I just can’t believe what’s happened, and the only thing I will say Tom, is that I’m upset. I’m angry. 

“I’m very angry what’s happened, but we’ve got to do the British thing here. 

“We don’t want to shut down our democracy. We don’t want to change the way we do things.”


The MP said: “I remember 1984, I was in the grand hotel the night of the bomb.

“And although thank goodness I wasn’t there when the bomb went off, I remember the next morning Mrs Thatcher arriving and said business as usual, a democracy will not be defeated’.

“And we have to take that same attitude and that’s what I think we should do in his memory.

“We can’t roll back on the way we do democracy in Britain.”

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