'My palace is quite large' Queen's adorable response to children in unearthed clip

That year was the first time the traditional Queen’s Christmas Broadcast was filmed outside of Buckingham or Windsor. To celebrate the spirit of Christmas and support the charity, Save The Children Fund invited two thousand children to London’s Royal Albert Hall for a very special concert attended by the Queen.

The video archive shows a panel of children from all over the Commonwealth gathered to meet the Queen herself, Princess Anne and a 7-year-old Prince William.

“Do you like being the Queen?”

“Is the crown heavy?”

“Do you go to church on Christmas Day?” wondered a group of children representing their native Ghana, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and Brunei, among others.

“We go to church, all of us on Christmas Day, and we sing some of the carols and Christmas hymns that everybody knows, which is really nice,” said Prince Charles’ mother.

One little girl enthusiastically asked: “How big is your palace?”

To which the Queen, amused, replied: “My palace is quite large. It has very long corridors to walk down in. Especially when one is late.”

When asked whether she enjoyed her “job as the Queen”, HRH answered she “found it very interesting.”

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“I liked to believe in Father Christmas, yes” assured the Queen.

The Queen’s speech for the occasion was devoted to the necessity to reduce pollution, deforestation and Greenhouse gas emissions.

“There are some children who are much less fortunate than others, for they come from countries where nature makes life very hard, with floods and droughts and other disasters destroying crops, making it very difficult to find enough for everyone to eat,” she said.

“The future of all life on earth depends on how we behave towards one another, and how we treat the plants and the animals that share our world with us.”

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