Mysterious object in Australia's sky leaves locals confused – 'Rare and surprising!'

Residents in Sydney have reported seeing a strange disc-shaped object flying overhead on Monday night. However, despite wild theories of aliens on board UFOs, the real explanation was just as “surprising” after experts revealed the flying object was a Chinese rocket launch.

The Australian locals filmed the phenomenon and in the footage the mysterious object was seen flying over Sydney’s sky as well as the Central Coast.

Footage captured at around 8pm local time saw the mysterious object appearing and leaving a bright trail across the night sky.

Social media was later flooded with similar images of the object which left people marvelling at the strange sight.

“Did anyone see the strange light moving across the sky about 10 minutes ago?” one local resident posted on Facebook, the Sun reported.

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“The plume is like exhaust, gas coming out during launch of the rocket,” Dr Brad Tucker told the Telegraph.

“Sometimes if it happens in the evening you can see the stranger shape and sight.”

However, Dr Tucker said that the sighting of the Chinese rockets were a “bit of a surprise” following the AUKUS agreement last week.

“Sightings like this can be rare and surprising – given their weird shape and the way they move in the sky,” he claimed.

“However, as more rocket launches happen – this was actually China’s second launch of the day, they are becoming more and more common.”

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