'Nazi-style':Defector claims China conducted bioweapons experiments on 'human Guinea pigs'

Human rights activist and high profile defector Wei Jingsheng made the claims while being interviewed for Sharri Markson’s bombshell book ‘What really happened in Wuhan’. While Ms Markson, 37, has focused her investigation on the outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian journalist also sought to try to connect Beijing’s medical science history with the Chinese military.

According to the Sun, Mr Wei claimed China had conducted experiments on humans that “only got more dangerous” as the years went on.

The Sun goes on to claim, Ms Markson then compared the experiment to the inhumane testing carried out by the Nazis in the Second World War.

Josef Mengele, who was known as the Angel of Death, frequently tested on prisoners in Auschwitz.

Jewish people, Soviet soldiers, the disabled and children were among those who were medically tortured.

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Mr Wei also alleges that the Chinese experiments had been carried out by the Academy of Military Sciences, which is the medical wing of the People’s Liberation Army.

However, nowadays the Chinese human rights activist believes the Academy of Military Sciences has shifted its focus to “study nuclear war and germ/bacteria warfare”.

The tabloid’s report then quotes the following extract: “There was an ‘exercise platoon’ of soldiers composed of strong and healthy young men who ate the best food, for the results of the human body experiments.

“To use a large number of soldiers as guinea pigs in the field for military medical research is a well-known thing in China.”

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The Mirror has reported how an ex-US diplomat in East Asia even told the journalist he thought COVID-19 was a Chinese “cover-up”.

David Stilwell, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, even said that the alleged cover-up made “Watergate look easy”.

Mr Stilwell also called for further inquiries into the outbreak, claiming “enough circumstantial evidence” is there for such investigations to be carried out.

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