Newborn baby rescued by RNLI after nine hour journey as French authorities ignore boats

The RNLI were called out to rescue a boat crossing the channel with Sky News capturing the moment a baby, only a few weeks old, was passed to UK authorities from the boat. Those making the crossing revealed they had been travelling for nearly nine hours and told reporters French police simply watched them leave, adding “they don’t say anything”. Many on the boats were from Iran and Iraq with the mother of the baby explaining she made the dangerous journey for her daughter because England has “the best life”.

Newborn baby girl, Ayyan, was seen wrapped in a blanket and being passed to police on the shores of Dungeness, Kent.

A Sky News reporter on the scene asked the migrants whether any French police tried to stop them with one revealing officers simply watched them leave.

Many were unable to speak English with one man translating for the mother of Ayyan who explained she made the nine-hour journey for a better life in England.

Sky News reports Ayyan could be between two weeks to a month old.

Sky News correspondent Ivor Bennett said: “There was exhaustion and elation in equal measure.

“After nine hours at sea, their treacherous journey was finally over. Several of the migrants were shivering as they were helped off the lifeboat on to Dungeness’s shingle beach.

“Those who did speak said they were from Iraq and Iran, including one man who said it was his ‘dream’ to live here. Some were missing coats and even shoes, a few were soaked.

“The most arresting image of all – a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket. The little girl is just weeks old and yet she has experienced a journey few can comprehend.

The tactic will see border authorities use jet skis to turn back boats although smaller, less seaworthy boats will not be targetted.

Chair of Migration Watch, Alp Mehmet told he fears the tactics will force migrants into less safer boats and did not want to see people end up dying in the Channel.

Ms Patel also revealed plans at the Conservative Party conference to prevent some asylum applications depending on the method someone entered the UK.

Currently, the UK pays millions of pounds to France to bolster border defences on its northern beaches to prevent migrant crossings to the UK.

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