Nick Ferrari laughs as he catches out M25 protester with flaw in his climate research

LBC’s Nick Ferrari debated with Liam Norton of Insulate Britain following the third day of protests on the M25 by the eco-activists. Mr Ferrari clashed with Mr Norton and demanded to know what gave Insulate Britain the right to disrupt thousands of ordinary people from going about their business. The activist, who has appeared on several shows this week, repeated lines from former Chief Scientific Advisor Sir David King who was concerned about the future of humanity but Mr Ferrari smirked as he recalled something the climate scientist advised which turned out to be dangerously wrong.

Mr Norton appeared on several programmes this week defending Insulate Britain and repeated Sir David King’s statement at each of his appearances.

He told presenters Sir David said: “What we do in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.”

Mr Norton repeated that to Mr Ferrari but the radio presenter was not convinced with Sir David’s track record.

He told the activist: “I find it intriguing you would quote Sir David King to me because I assume it’s the same Sir David King who once suggested it was good idea for us all to buy diesel cars?”

Sir David advised government to cut fuel duty on diesel cars after he was given wrong figures from manufacturers suggesting they were better for the environment.

Under the Labour government in the 2000s, diesel cars usage rose sharply with Sir David conceding he was wrong about the advice several years later.

Mr Norton stuttered with Mr Ferrari pressing his attack, adding: “Why are you selective about his advice or can we all go and buy diesel cars?

“Let’s reflect on the great guru that is Sir David King, okay, who also said buy diesel cars.

“Not people who are trying to get across, or to get to hospital appointments or to go and see family members.”

On Monday, there were protests at junctions 20 for Kings Langley, Herts, 14 for Heathrow terminal four, three for Swanley in Kent, six for Godstone, Surrey and 31 for Lakeside, Essex.

But protesters repeated their demonstrations on Wednesday following large media coverage with many arrested protesters being let out either on conditional bail or under investigation.

The police handling the situation were criticised for standing around and not moving on the protesters with angry motorists squaring up to the activists.

Police authorities then came under pressure from the public and from the Home Office to crackdown on the protests.

Insulate Britain said 79 people attempted to block the London orbital motorway hours after their release from police custody following similar protests on Wednesday.

Junctions three, at Swanley in Kent, nine, at Leatherhead in Surrey, and 28, near Brentwood in Essex, were targeted. Surrey Police said officers had arrested 14 people at junction nine.

The force said: “We were made aware of protesters at junction 9 of the M25 earlier this morning. 14 people have been arrested.

“We were also made aware shortly after 9am of protesters at junction 1 of the M3. We are on the scene and arrests are being made. Further updates to follow.”

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